Our Distinctive Christian Ethos.

Showing our Christian Ethos is so important to us here at Collingtree. Whether this is supporting the Christian calander, having events in school or ensuring our school environment reflects this. Please visit this page often to see updates and pictures from events, displays or work that have happened during the year. Please also see below our rota for colelctive worship.


Christian ethos around school.


Collective Worship in School

 Date Lead Focus
 22.2.21  Mrs Bedi  Getting Ready
 23.2.21  Class Teachers   Lent
 24.2.21  Mrs Osborne   Lent and Perserverance 
 25.2.21  Class Teachers   Hope
 26.2.21  Mrs Bedi  Celebration Assembly 







Date Lead Focus 
 1.3.21 Mrs Bedi  Lent and Temptation 
 2.3.21  Class Teachers  Lent and Temptation 
 3.3.21  Mrs Osborne   Lenten Pretzels
 4.3.21  Class Teachers   Hope in a hard place
 5.3.21  Mrs Bedi   Celebration Assembly 


 Date  Lead  Focus 
 8.3.21  Mrs Bedi  Mothers Day
 9.3.21  Class Teachers   Wishful Thinking
 10.3.21  Mrs Osborne  Lent Around the World
 11.3.21  Class Teachers   Mothers Day
.12.3.21   Mrs Bedi   Celebration Assembly 






 Date Lead Focus
 15.3.21  Mrs Bedi  Easter - A New Life
 16.3.21  Class Teachers  Hope
 17.3.21  Mrs Osborne  Easter Surprises
 18.3.21  Class Teachers   Hope
 19.3.21  Mrs Bedi  Celebration Assembly 






 Date Lead Focus 
 22.3.21  Mrs Bedi  Easter Story
 23.2.21  Class Teachers   Easter Foods
 24.3.21  Mrs Osborne  Ressurection
 25.3.21  Class Teachers   Special Easter Foods 
 26.3.21  Mrs Bedi  Celebration Assembly 

We aspire to keep our children safe, at school and online...



Our Aims

  • Use number and language effectively
  • Develop enquiry, rationality, and logical questioning and argument
  • Acquire knowledge and skills relevant to the world
  • Have respect and tolerance for others
  • Understand the inter-dependencies of the world
  • Appreciate the achievements and aspirations of others

Our Principles

The Christian Principles of Care, Respect and Understanding permeate all aspects of school life.

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