EVERY child matters.

Safeguarding is very important in our school and therefore we have 4 members of staff trained as designated safeguarding leads.

Mrs Lisa Witheyman, Head of School, is our Designated Safeguardng Lead.

Mrs Osborne, Executive Headteacher - Deputy Safeguarding Lead.

Mrs Waller - Deputy Safeguarding Lead.

Miss Edmunds – Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Sarah Sanders is our Safeguarding Governor.

At times we may need to seek advice from outside agencies as to how best to support you and your family.  Please see our school safeguarding policy on the information page on this website.

Key safeguarding documents that we work with:

Northamptonshire Early Help

What is early help? 
Every family goes through challenging times at some point. Early help means working with you and your family so that small problems don’t become big problems. Early help is for everybody, for families with children and young people of any age. And it’s your choice whether to have it or not.

Why would I want early help?
There are lots of reasons why people look for early help. It could be that you’re worried about your child’s health, development or behaviour, or how they’re doing at school, or perhaps because you are caring for a disabled child. It may be that you’re worried about 
money or housing and how that is affecting your family. Maybe your child or your family is affected by domestic abuse, drugs or alcohol or crime. Perhaps your child is a carer for other people, or maybe you’ve had a bereavement in the family that’s made life a 
real challenge.

You can find out more about early help by clicking the link below:

Early help leaflet for parents and carers

What should I do if I have concerns about a child or family?

1.  Speak with one the safeguarding leads at school. 

2.  Contact Northamptonshire multi agency safeguarding hub (MASH) on 0300 126 1000

3.  Click on the link below for further advice from Northamptonshire MASH

Northamptonshire multi agency safeguarding hub

4.  Speak to the NSPCC:

Help for adults concerned about a child or call 0808 800 5000

Help for children and young people or call 0800 1111


Remember safeguarding is everyones business.

We aspire to keep our children safe, at school and online...



Our Aims

  • Use number and language effectively
  • Develop enquiry, rationality, and logical questioning and argument
  • Acquire knowledge and skills relevant to the world
  • Have respect and tolerance for others
  • Understand the inter-dependencies of the world
  • Appreciate the achievements and aspirations of others

Our Principles

The Christian Principles of Care, Respect and Understanding permeate all aspects of school life.

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