Your child will bring home a green leaf from school this week.

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It represents DIGNITY, our school virtue of the term.

Your child can draw / write how they have shown this virtue and bring it back to school to be displayed in the foyer on our values tree. They will be celebrated in collective worship in school.

Over the year they will bring home a total of 4 leaves of different shapes and colours which represent our 4 virtues or Wisdom, Hope, Dignity and Community.

Today saw the launch of an exciting project that is being jointly delivered by the Cobblers (Northampton Town FC), the Saints (Northampton Saints Rugby Club), the Steelbacks (Northamptonshire County Cricket Club) and Barclays.  

The organisers chose to launch the initiative, which sees the pupils receive professional coaching from the 3 different sports clubs and computer coding skills from Barclays, in only 2 schools across the town and we were delighted when they chose Collingtree out of so many interested schools.  Paul Devlin, Head of Community at the Cobblers, visited the school and was really keen to work with our children.  The project will then be offered to the other schools next year.  

The project is aimed at all KS2 children and will last around 6 weeks - we may even be joined by the local media!  Our own photos will follow sonn.

To find out more about the Barclays coding work, visit

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Our Aims

  • Use number and language effectively
  • Develop enquiry, rationality, and logical questioning and argument
  • Acquire knowledge and skills relevant to the world
  • Have respect and tolerance for others
  • Understand the inter-dependencies of the world
  • Appreciate the achievements and aspirations of others

Our Principles

The Christian Principles of Care, Respect and Understanding permeate all aspects of school life.

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