Tag Rugby 8

On Thursday 4th October we took part in a mini Tag Rugby tournament held at Duston Eldean school.  As our first taste of tag rugby, we were amazed by the performance of our children as we went on to finish in a credible runners up position.  On the way to our 2nd place finish we scored a bucketload of tries, demonstrating amazing teamwork and effort.  We are incredibly excited at the prospect of our next tournamen and are rightly confident!


CSWCFootball 14

This year, Northampton Town FC ("The Cobblers") are looking to work more closely with the primary schools in and around the town.  One such way is the School's World Cup, which Mr Brown successfully applied to enter. 

On Thursday 20th September, our school was drawn to play against Briar Hill school at the PTS Academy Stadium (formerly known as Sixfields).  Before the match, we had a tour of the stadium, including visiting both the Home and Away dressing rooms. We also had a quiz about the Cobblers, where the children were able to win small prizes.

All of our previous matches have seen us compete in 7-a-side games, where as these fixtures are 5-a-side so it was a change of format for our players.  We were also battling strong winds so it was not a surprise when we took a little time to settle into our match.  After a slow start we got into our stride but unfortunately the damage was done and after a competitive game, we found ourselves on the losing side.  We congratulate Briar Hill and wish them well with the rest of the tournament.

CSWCFootball 15

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