Waitrose Cheque

You may recall that a parent nominated us for the ‘Community Matters’ project at Waitrose.  This enabled shoppers at the Wootton store to support our fundraising by donating the green tokens they collected with their shopping to our project for an outdoor running track and playground markings.  During the month, the shoppers gave us enough tokens to enable Waitrose to give us a donation of £286 to our school.  Mrs Bedi went along yesterday and collected the cheque.

On behalf of the school, I’m sending a massive thank you to everyone at Waitrose and all of their shoppers!

As we rapidly approach the end of the first half of the Autumn Term, I feel that it's a great time to launch a writing competition! 


I am challenging the children to write me a story about a magical, mysterious book.  It could be the story in the picture here...

The story can only be a maximum of 2 A4 sides.  There's no more direction or instructions from me - nothing about what the book can do or anything - it's down to the child's imagination.  It can be an adventure story, a spooky story or even a romance!  It's open to all of the children in the school and there will be a special prize for the best story from each class.

The stories must be handed in on the Monday back after half term so that's the 29th October.  I have created writing frames (the paper to write on) for KS1 and KS2 and these can be collected from the school office from Wednesday 10th October.

Good luck story tellers!

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