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Earlier today, Revd. Mike Burton, along with some of our Year 6 pupils, delivered the Candlemas service in our church, St Columba's.  Beginning with the lighting of Candlemas candle, the service saw the children perform dramatised bible readings, share their own messages of hope and also join in discussions about life being a little bit 'sweet & sour'.  Revd. Mike spoke to us about the suffering of refugees from Iraq and Syria who have been persecuted and are now living in Lebanon and Jordan and then spoke to us about the plight of homeless people around the world, including right here in Northampton.  

One of the key messages that came from the service, which was reinforced by our children's own views, was to always have hope - hope for a better, fairer world and hope for our future.  As Revd. Mike said, with hope "we can become a better person not a bitter person".

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We had a hugely successful and enjoyable (and difficult if we're honest) time on Friday 26th January at our fantastic Friends' quiz night.

Mr Leighton quizzed us in a wide range of genres from Collective Nouns ("A cauldron of what????") to Historic Occupations (we now know what a "chandler" does... eventually!).  There was head-scratching, puzzled faces furrowed ,brows and more than a few vacant faces as he twisted our knowledge this-way and that, all with a touch of panache with his illuminated bow-tie!  The fish & chips was a welcome break from the mental challenge at the interval and was possibly the quietest the school has ever been!

It was a fantastic evening and helped raise much-needed funds which will go towards helping the school replenish its IT equipment.  I'm sure they'll be another quiz night held soon and hopefully we'll get even more teams entering next time! 

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