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I recently shared with you the results from our pupil survey about what they thought of our school.  If you recall, I mentioned the subject specific surveys we did for English and Maths. 

I'd now like to share some of the key results from the English survey:

  • 100% of pupils enjoy English lessons all, or most of the time.
  • 100% of pupils think their reading and writing is getting better.
  • 81% of our pupils said that reading is important to them.
  • 96% of pupils enjoy ‘Book Talk’ lessons in class.
  • 99% of pupils like the school library better now than before.
  • 98% of pupils feel we have a good selection of books in the library.
  • 100% of pupils like to read books at home.
  • 93% of our pupils like writing at home.
  • 95% of our pupils enjoy their writing lessons (where their lessons is ‘chunked’ into 3 parts).
  • 100% of pupils told us that the flow of work from a COLD, pre-assessment piece, to a HOT, post-assessment piece of writing, is improving theiry writing. 
  • 93% of pupils enjoy the spelling sessions.
  • 95% of the pupils think that their spelling skills have improved with this work.
  • 98% of children are scoring better in the spelling tests than when they started.
  • 96% of the pupils think doing the spelling sessions has made them a better writer.

I am really pleased with the outcome of the survey (some children had to do them twice as they misunderstood the instructions) and these headlines are the questions that will be most interesting for you as parents.  There were no negative results but you'll see I have amber-highlighted the 81% of pupils that feel reading is important. I want this to be 100% as we strive towards becoming a school that "loves reading" and I will focus on improving this mindset when we return in the autumn term.  I already have a visit from an author lined up!

I will update you with the results of the Maths specific survey shortly.

TreasureIsland 14

During the last we ek of term, our super Year 6 pupils put on their traditonal end of year performance, this year doing justice to Robert Louis Stevenson's 'Treasure Island'.  As always, both the pupils and staff involved absolutely outdid themselves and credit must go to Mrs Bedi, Mrs Lee and Mrs Howlett for not only getting the performers ready but also the backdrop and props.  They obviously realised what a talented buncg they had as they challenged them to not only learn a comprehensive script but also a number of sog & dance routines!  I'm proud to say that the pupils rose to the challenge and more and I think it will be sometime before Collingtree sees a more cutthroat band of buccanners talk about "shivering their timbers" on the stage!

As we've said before, we're sorry to see them go but wish them the very best of luck on their next adventures!


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