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At the recent ‘book look’, where we invited you in to come and look at your child’s learning during the summer term, we asked for your opinion on a variety of school matters.  We take your views incredibly seriously and alongside our own views and those of the children, we use them to shape the future and direction of the school. 

We asked a series of questions, giving the respondents a selection of answers to choose from: “Strongly Agree”; “Agree”; “Strongly Disagree”; “Disagree”; or “Don’t Know”.   Below you’ll find a summary of your answers:

  • My child likes school and enjoys coming.
    • 100% of you agree with the statement, with 87% of you indicating that you strongly agree.
  • I am happy that my child is at Collingtree.
    • 100% of you agree, with 84% of you telling us that you agree strongly.
  • My child is making good progress.
    • 98% of you agree. 27% of you agree strongly.
  • Teaching at Collingtree is good.
    • 98% of you agree with this and 31% agree with it strongly.
  • I am kept informed about how my child is getting on.
    • 98% of you agree, with 40% agreeing strongly.
  • The school gives me information about events and activities.
    • 96% of you agree, with 20% agreeing strongly. 4%of you disagreed.
  • I feel comfortable about approaching the school with questions.
    • 95% of you agree, with 13% agreeing strongly with the statement. 3% of you disagreed, where as 2% of you were unsure.
  • I find it easy to contact my child’s teacher.
    • 100% of you agree. 24% of you agreed strongly with the statement.
  • Staff expect my child to work hard and do his or her 
    • 100% of you agree, with 20% strongly agreeing
  • Most children behave well.
    • 97% of you agree, with 53% strongly agreeing.
  • Staff encourage my child to become mature and independent.
    • 97% of you agree, with 24% strongly agreeing
  • The school provides appropriate homework.
    • 77% of you agree (with 44% of you agreeing strongly with the statement). This calculates as 23% disagreeing or disagreeing strongly.
  • There is a good range of activities that my child finds interesting and enjoyable.
    • 96% of you agree. 29% of you agreeing strongly.
  • I feel welcome in the school and am encouraged to take part in school activities and events.
    • 98% of you agree, with 22% strongly agreeing
  • The school is led and managed well.
    • 100% of you agree, with 20% strongly agreeing

Overall, these are fantastic results and very rewarding to see that you believe that we are providing a good education for your children and, possibly more importantly, that both you and they are happy to come to our amazing school. 

As you'll see from my highlights, there are things that you would like us to do better. Here is some early feedback to you on these points:

  • You have asked for more notice on events (and payments for these).  I will endeavour to improve these timescale for you but also point you towards the diary on the school website and also the upcoming events noted on the fortnightly newsletter.  This is also a great opportunity for me to do another plug to get more of you involved with the 'Friends of Collingtree Primary School" - get in touch with them on their Facebook or Twitter pages.
  • Some of you have also indicated that you do not feel comfortable approaching the school with questions.  If you ever need to speak to the school, please contact the school office and they will check on either my availability or that of the class teacher if relevant. I want everyone to feel welcome in the school and always advocate approaching/tackling things directly.
  • The "big issue" that was flagged up was in terms of the homework that we set.  This is already in process and I have spoken with some parents already.  This will be detailed in the new Home/School agreement that you will all be asked to sign (along with your children) in the autumn term. I can tell you, however, that this will see weekly homework set (rotating between Maths and English) in addition to the termly projects.  The projects are also being streamlined and will have a 'bigger' showcase at the end of each term so that our pupils can show off their fantastic work.

You also shared some comments, telling us what you thought we were doing well and what we could do better.  Here are a selection of your answers:

What are we doing well?

  • The school has a friendly, community feel.
  • Everyone is made to feel welcome.
  • We have a positive energy.
  • The school has a positive atmosphere and environment and this is having an impact on the children.
  • Communicating with parents.
  • Developing a multi-cultural/community spirit
  • Encouraging children to explore their best attributes in both academic and sports work.
  • Teachers bend over backwards to make pupils feel part of their class.
  • Valuing every child regardless of their ability.
  • Offering to help families with even the tiniest of things.
  • The level of commitment and work that has gone into the improvements.
  • The themes that run through the school and the whole school trip.
  • The school leadership has high aspirations for the school and its pupils.
  • Learning is fun with an interactive and engaging curriculum.
  • Pupils feel safe and enjoy coming to school.
  • Children are reaching their potential.
  • Teachers are approachable.
  • We are “…an ideal place for children to progress and learn.” Mrs Corcoran
  • “A weight has been lifted… over the last 12/18 months.” Ms Taylor
  • “School is nurturing and a great environment for my child” Mrs Andrew
  • “Leadership is much stronger… very present and welcoming…” Mrs Lowrie
  • “The hard work to get the school back on its feet”. Mrs Smith
  • “(Mrs Petrie’s) passion for early years teaching/learning is wonderful.” Mrs Sooriah

It would be even better if:

  • There was more PE happening.
  • The children had more ICT lessons.
  • It was modelled to the pupils of why stickers are given for work – transparency so pupils understand better.
  • Give more notice for events to enable parents to book time off. This is an action point from above.
  • Recognition for those children who consistently behave well and do the right thing. 
  • More regular homework and a homework club. This is an action point from above.
  • Teachers tackled the perception that only 'naughty' children get noticed and rewarded.
  • Children were stretched more in class.
  • Class adults to hear children read frequently (and record in their diaries).
  • More acknowledgement and celebration of completed homework projects. This is commented on above.
  • Keeping the grounds neat and tidy.
  • Recognition for all children at the end of year in their classrooms.
  • Setting up a school orchestra.
  • “More notice of changes to after-school activities … to put after-school care in place.” Mrs Burgess  The after-school clubs will run on the same evening as they do know (just with the new providers): Monday - football; Tuesday - gymnastics; Friday - Hot Shots basketball.  The gymnastic and basketball clubs have asked to do tasters in the Autumn term to encourage more children to sign up.
  • “More staff/parent involvement in Friends committee.” Mrs Winsor
  • “Parents being able to come in and read with their child” Mrs Hunter
  • An “Earlier opportunity for a residential” Mrs Godfrey

I hope that you find this useful and once again thank you for your wonderful support.  I will look again at your feedback to see if there are more things we need to take on board for the new academic year.

We aspire to keep our children safe, at school and online...



Our Aims

  • Use number and language effectively
  • Develop enquiry, rationality, and logical questioning and argument
  • Acquire knowledge and skills relevant to the world
  • Have respect and tolerance for others
  • Understand the inter-dependencies of the world
  • Appreciate the achievements and aspirations of others

Our Principles

The Christian Principles of Care, Respect and Understanding permeate all aspects of school life.

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