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On Monday 16th July, we took an intrepid and talented group of young athletes to compete in the 2018 'Going For Gold' tournament for Years 2, 3 and 4.  The event is organised by PDET and Pacesetter Sports.  Having finished 3rd overall last year and collecting a hatfull of individual awards, our journey over was a confident one!

The pupils took part in a range of track and field sporting activities, all testing their skill and endurance.  As always, our children showed commitment and excellence, whilst also demonstrating wonderful sportsmanship.  They truly had a fabulous day. The event was a huge success and we must thank both PDET and Pacesetters for a well organised, enjoyable event.  Pacesetters will be working in our school next year and I have no doubt that they will have been impressed with what they saw yesterday.

The most exciting news, however, is that this talented bunch managed to storm home again in a trophy position - beating last year's finish to end up in 2nd place for this year.  Here is our lovely new trophy - the second success that the school has been led to this term under the guidance of Mr Brown!

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Freddie, who was the 3rd best overall boy when he was in Year 2 last year, retained his crown and again finished as 3rd best boy overall.

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Who knows where we'll finish next year...



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