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Welcome to our maths page!

Here you will fine our Maths Intent, our calculation policy and our maths coverage documents for the current academic year!

Maths Curriculum Documents

Parent Workbooks

White Rose Maths is excited to have produced a range of work booklets for parents and children to use over the summer or during next year. These booklets can be found on Amazon for the Kindle or downloaded below.  There is one booklet for each of our blocks for Y1 to Y6.

Choose from Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6,


They are also available on this link for you to use. You can use these to support children with homework and with any other learning that they need. 


White Rose Hub have also updated their Primary Schemes of Learning for 2020/21. These new schemes provide additional support and guidance for teaching mathematics next year. You can use these to see what the children will working on. 

Lesson-by-lesson overviews 2020/21

Our Lesson-by-lesson overviews are here!

 Year 1

 Year 2

 Year 3

 Year 4

 Year 5

 Year 6

Our Summer schemes will be updated w/c 15th March

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