Welcome to Silver Birch Class!


A warm welcome to Silver Birch Class who are taught by Mr Brown and supported by Mrs Stacey, the class teaching assistant. 

We welcome the children back this term to the most chocolaty immersive learning experience yet! After understanding what life was like in early Britain, we are picking the children up and dropping them in a completely different continent to learn about a famous and intriguing civilisation that was also thriving at the time – the Mayans! We will follow our taste buds and learn just how chocolate has developed from harvesting the early discovered beans in America, to the development and creation of the sweet bar we all have grown to enjoy.  

Pupils will first embark on a mission, following the footsteps of Stevens and Catherwood through central America and try to imagine themselves as explorers during that time. Children will continue their learning and develop their geographical knowledge of the continent and the countries that form its makeup. Following a common chocolate thread, we will also engage with some chocolaty performance poetry and enhance our skills of instructional writing to help with our own project of creating the next best chocolate.  

Join us in the celebration of chocolate as we discover the journey from bean to bar…and bite! 


Some of the key texts we will be using this term are:



At our school we follow the White Rose Hub scheme for maths.  Here is the curriculum content for Silver Birch class this year:


Here is the knowledge organiser for the Spring 2021 term


Here is the knowledge organiser for the Spring 2021 term



Here are the knowledge organisers for the Spring 2021 term


Spring term curriculum overview

We aspire to keep our children safe, at school and online...



Our Aims

  • Use number and language effectively
  • Develop enquiry, rationality, and logical questioning and argument
  • Acquire knowledge and skills relevant to the world
  • Have respect and tolerance for others
  • Understand the inter-dependencies of the world
  • Appreciate the achievements and aspirations of others

Our Principles

The Christian Principles of Care, Respect and Understanding permeate all aspects of school life.

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