Welcome to an exciting year in Class 2/3 also known as the Field Maples class. Miss Bruley is the teacher with Mrs Carp and Miss James as the teaching assistants.  

The class have settled in great to their new class and their new topic of ‘Age of Man’ where we will be studying the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

The children have already been thrown into this topic by becoming hunter-gatherers like in Stone Age where they had to draw cave paintings using charcoal and then forage for berries in the woods to make paint. But, the children needed to use sticks and their hands to paint because they didn’t have paintbrushes in the Stone Age!

In English we will be writing a recount of an exciting day where we will live like Stone Age people, a narrative about a Stone Age boy and a non-chronological report all about the Iron Age. 

In Maths we will be learning about place value (looking at 2 and 3 digit numbers), written addition and subtraction and finally concentrating on their times tables.

Any help you could give your children with their times tables would be great.

  • The expectation for Year 2 is to learn their 2, 5 and 10 times tables.
  • The expectation for Year 3 is to learn their 3, 4 and 8 times tables.

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Our Aims

  • Use number and language effectively
  • Develop enquiry, rationality, and logical questioning and argument
  • Acquire knowledge and skills relevant to the world
  • Have respect and tolerance for others
  • Understand the inter-dependencies of the world
  • Appreciate the achievements and aspirations of others

Our Principles

The Christian Principles of Care, Respect and Understanding permeate all aspects of school life.

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