Phase 1 & 2 had everyone in fits of laughter as they performed their Christmas play, "It's Christmas", which told the Christmas Story through a modern, X-Factor theme!  The pupils were superstars and the staff worked extremely hard to put on an incredible show!

We're very proud of all of the little boys and girls, especially as they had to perform so close to the end of the term (rescheduled due to the enforced snow closure) and did so very well!  Here are a few photos from the performance:

IMG 0434 IMG 0434 IMG 0434IMG 0434 IMG 0434 IMG 0434  IMG 0434 IMG 0434 IMG 0434 IMG 0434 IMG 0434 IMG 0434  

Reception and Year 1 visited West Lodge Farm on the 18th December.  They had a fabulous time, meeting lots of animals and also visiting Father Christmas in his grotto!  There was lots to see and do and they ended their day travelling through the tricky maze! 

Here are some photographs of the exciting day...

IMG 0841 IMG 0891 IMG 0896 

IMG 0943 IMG 0947 IMG 0966 

IMG 0845 IMG 0876 IMG 0902 IMG 0939

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