So, sadly we are approaching the end of our Robin Hood topic but can truly say we have thoroughly enjoyed it!

From learning the legend through the reading the book “Outlaw” by Michael Morpurgo and discovering the way Robin Hood treated people in need, to actually visiting the “real” Robin Hood!  Yes! That’s right - the whole of phase 3 set off to Sherwood forest to meet him! He was there waiting with his sidekick Little John – who was hiding in the forest. We learned where they hide, how they hunt and how they survive in the forest. We found secret hideouts and we also ended up in the middle of a tree! We carried this learning on in the classroom by thinking about how we could become part of Robin Hood's team. We wanted to show him what skills we had. So, we decided to make Robin Hood hats that could transport secret messages from any material that we could find! An incredible learning journey!

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Robin Hood, Robin Hood riding through the glen. Robin Hood, Robin Hood with his band of men... and Collingtree's finest young recruits of course!

What an experience we had, visiting the heart of Sherwood Forest to meet none other than the notorious Robin Hood.

Whilst on our tour, we were engaged in folk tales, ballads, sword fighting and much more whilst joining Robin and Little John in becoming 'at one' with the forest. We were taken back in time to the age of the Medieval Period, where the outlaws did what ever they could to live and lead a peaceful life whilst at the same time fighting against the corrupt Prince John and the fearful Sheriff of Nottingham!

As expected, all of the children demonstrated our school virtues and were a credit to Collingtree.

I wonder what adventures we have in store next?

Mr Brown

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