As I'm sure you've heard, unfortunately we've had to close the school today due to the dangerous conditions everyone would face in getting in to school.  As luck would have it, yesterday also happened to be the day that this website decided to crash which wasn't fixed until long after my bed time.  I hope you managed to get the news from the ParentMail we sent out or from our Twitter feed.

We hope that the conditions will improve and we are able to open tomorrow.  Providing I can drive safely, I will visit school this afternoon and clear the paths where possible and put some salt down to reduce the danger from icy patches.  

Keep checking the various channels for updates through the day.

Mr Albert

Mr Albert recently invited the pupils from each class to draw pictures of the school to display in his office.  Most of the entries were from Year 2 and he chose 6 winners.  He has now set the Collingtee pupils a new challenge! 

You may have seen the wonderful "Christmas Together" advertisement on BBC.  If not, you can watch it here:

For this competition, Mr Albert wants the pupils to write the matching narrative (story) for this amazing video. Entries should be handwritten.  The competition closes on 20/12/17 (which is the last day of term).  Ideally, he would like a winner from each class - winning entries will be displayed in his office.

Good luck!

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