On Friday 23rd February, Phase 2 were joined by Mrs Morgan (Ava and Amelie's Mum) who brought in a selection of traditional Inidan food for the children to taste. She also very kindly brought in some henna art materials and helped the children to create their own design.  Some of the children also got to dress up in Indian clothing.  The children had a fabulous time and really enjoyed tasting the food - and so did the staff!  Here's just a few pictures from the day: 

Y2b  Y2b Y2d



IMG 1572

Today, our pupils had a wonderful time visiting two different Mandirs in Wellingborough.  They enjoyed seeing the statues of the deities, had the option of ringing the bell of worship, enjoyed sharing fruit and also listened to a song performed by the local Pandit.  The children were able to explore the temple and our staff were delighted when they asked some great questions.   Again, you should be very proud of your children for the wonderful behaviour they yet again exhibited.  

It's really important to expose the children to other faiths and cultures to ensure future generations become more understanding and tolerant of one another.  The visit has really helped the children develop their understanding of Hinduism and a knowledge of wider Indian culture.  Thank you for supporting the trip with your voluntary contributions.

IMG 1572

IMG 1572IMG 1572IMG 1572

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